Finding Joy in “Having Peace”…Day Six.


I use to hear people say “take it one day at a time” but I only heard not listened. As you know, going through Life trials will quickly teach you that today is all that we can properly take on or were meant to take on. Fretting over our yesterdays and worrying about our tomorrows is just too big of a burden to carry; it will ware us out spiritually , emotionally and even physically.  We can live in peace, joy and hope one day at a time because: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Today I find Joy in having peace!

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Strength and Peace


Whatever you are going through, God’s strength and peace is waiting for you. It is found in those quiet moments alone with Him. When it seems that things are out of control, when deadlines are hard to meet, when your children are acting up, When exhaustion takes over your body, when you have to take on burdens that you don’t think you can handle ,that’s when God wants to pull you to Himself and whisper these words of hope in your ear!

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