Goldfish Soup Blessings


I have been home with a sick little Ava for the past two days. I know a little cough and fever does not mean much to most of you, but for Ava, it can take a turn for the worse quickly due to her metabolic disorder. I am not complaining (well not at the moment) but feeling blessed! Blessed that I have the opportunity to stay home with her and do not work full time, so that I can keep up with her around the clock carb intake. Blessed that I have awesome people in my life to bring those few needed things. Blessed that she is eating goldfish soup. Blessed for sweet praying teachers who love my girl and check in on her. Blessed that I am in my own bed instead of a hospital chair….where although I don’t sleep, I can count my blessings instead of sheep!!

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Let Go let God


Are you ever scared that God might ask too much of you? What is too much? Our lives revolve around people and things we adore: our spouse, our children, our friends, work and hobbies, material things, and making future plans. And if our “comfortable life” is interrupted, we sometimes feel as though our life is falling apart. But there are times when God says “Let go!” and the strings that tie our lives together suddenly snap. If you’ve ever been in situation you know the disruption can test our faith!

God wants you and me to hold all of these things “loosely”. To help us with this, He gives us tests. He will test your obedience and your commitment to him. If you pass His tests, He will bless your life greatly!

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let go