Oatmeal instead of pancakes…

” every day is beautiful if you choose to see it”

The part of the day, I would love to skip, would have to be the morning routine. Anybody with me here? One hour of  just.. Wow! Waking up Mrs. cranky pants. Repeating myself over and over and over. I need to record myself one time and just keep hitting play each morning. Making breakfast, packing lunches, repeating myself some more…” Wipe the milk from your face. “We don’t have you favorite pancakes, you get oatmeal today. ” Find your shoes, get your coat, grab your lunch, leave the cat alone.” I said ” brush your teeth, not pet the dog” ” No , we don’t have time to build a Lego ranch before school”.  “You are going to be late, don’t blast your music in the car”. Animals staring me down like they have not eaten in a week. They are all up under my feet, my feet that still are shoeless and we needed to leave five minutes ago. Then, we finally get to the car and I have a quick panic… Did I wear a bra?? Lol!

But honestly, do I really wish I could skip the morning routine? ( well not as much as the bed time routine Ha-ha ).

No, seriously, I stood there in the middle of my mess and was about to have an Ally McBeal moment …the moment where a big vacuum was about to come through my window and suck it all up… the lunches, the kids, pets, sticky plates.. all of it! Then It hit me…what am I thinking? Lord forgive me! Thank you for my health and strength. Thank you for hands that can pack lunches and prepare breakfast. Thank you for feet that can run inside five times for things that I have forgotten. Notice I’m not thanking the Lord for my memory…ugh. Thank you Lord that I have this day with my friends and family, because I know that this could change in an instant. Thank you for another morning where we may be rushed, irritated and a little tired but we are all awake and healthy at least for today. If God grants me the same blessings tomorrow… bring on the chaos, I got my voice recorder ready! And, just maybe, we will have pancakes instead of oatmeal tomorrow!

“Today why don’t you love a little deeper laugh a little louder, hold the ones you love a little tighter. because tomorrow is never promised.”