Nest of Birds…

In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. Psalms 104:24

Most mornings I sit on my back porch with my coffee. For awhile, I have noticed this “mean” bird pacing the stones between my neighbors and my yard. Always screaming and even tries to attack my cats, which is pretty funny!

Well, below is why “he” was doing this. He is not mean but protective. If he only knew that Lucy and Lilly are way too old and fat to climb trees. At least I think it’s the daddy bird. I’m not a bird expert by far, so feel free to enlighten me with some facts if you are bird savvy!

Seems that the mama bird is in her nest with her two babies while Daddy paces around protecting the nest and brings food. I think these birds are called American Robbins…again not sure.

This morning, I got to pretend to have one of my dream jobs as a National Geographic photographer and hang out in a tree. I did almost face plant once…ok maybe twice. The neatest thing was how these birds were so alert until I got close to them. The mama bird would spread her wings over them and they would play dead. I could just see their little chest pumping in and out. Finally, the daddy bird came flying in with a juicy worm ( one of my almost face plant moments). I crouched down and tried not to breathe. I got a few shots but had a hard time getting too close when the worm was dropped. The mama bird gave me some dirty looks for interrupting her breakfast, so I left them alone before I got a good face pecking.

I understand the “don’t mess with my kids” attitude.

If you look close you can see…even baby birds make their mamas hair turn grey!!


This was my cue to leave!!

All Gods creations never cease to amaze me!

Happy Summer!

Ocean Isle beach 2014


I have not blogged in awhile. I woke up this morning and felt like blogging…:)

School is done for the year…yea!! It was time for my favorite thing to do… Our summer beach trip! As you know it takes a lot of preparing, packing, hauling and driving! So well worth it!

We got the car loaded, the boat hitched and we were well on our way!! Of course a 5 hour trip can get boring without embarrassing our kids a bit so my hubby and I decided to sing a little ” ditty” for them. We out sang “Jack and Diane” for sure! (A little video for entertainment)

Once we arrived, we unloaded and the fun began! We joined up with our good friends the Phillips which made the trip even more fun.

IMG_3867 <a IMG_3941 IMG_3988 IMG_3914 IMG_3900 IMG_3839 IMG_3816

We all agreed boating out to the island was the most fun. There we played, ate and did some crabbing off the boat. We also caught a few Jelly fish. We found out these particular ones don’t sting…at least they didn’t sting Norma and I while they were on sand half dead…when we dared each other to touch them…

IMG_3491 IMG_3504 IMG_3640 IMG_3607 IMG_3621 IMG_3543 IMG_3659 IMG_3667 IMG_3663
The fishing Boat got a little “beached”…Good thing we had strong guys and a few men on the island willing to help…

The Gulls are fearless…they look left then right and bam there goes your hot dog…at least this time this bird waited for one to roll off the grill…others swooped down and took one off the hot coals!

IMG_3590 IMG_3591 IMG_3594

Evenings were always fun! Big dinners, golf cart rides, bike rides and lots of singing and dancing…Ava’s favorite part!

ava oib bike IMG_3684 IMG_3671 oib cart-001
Of course the best part is making memories with friends and family, hoping that some day our kids will pass on the traditions…and maybe invite us??

IMG_0827 IMG_0873 IMG_0816 IMG_0784 IMG_0790 IMG_0746 ava fishing ava and dad at beach oib sand 1

These little girls just LOVE each other!
oib play IMG_3965 IMG_3794

Enjoy life to the fullest…we are never promised tomorrow…or as our kids say…



Until next year…..
IMG_4019 IMG_4021 sunset oib 2014

oib canalIMG_3965-2