My good wise and loving moms…my heroes


“The good mother, the wise mother…is more important to the community than even the ablest man; her career is more worthy of honor and is more useful to the community than the career of any man, no matter how successful” – Theodore Roosevelt

My good , wise and loving mothers…my heroes!

We love our children with every breath in us. We quickly realize that labor and delivery are the easiest parts. Late night feedings and toddler tears turn into late night waiting on teenagers to get home by their curfew and prayers for their safety.

My good , wise and loving mothers…my heroes!

We pray, we give, we cry, we sacrifice, we worry, we go sleepless and we are ok with it because we love our children. We know that being their friend would be so much easier but being their mother is what we need to do.

My good , wise and loving mothers…my heroes!

We hope and pray that they grow into responsible, kind and loving young adults. We are excited for them to leave the nest, persuing their hopes and dreams, yet we are sad about that empty little spot in our safe nest.

My good , wise and loving mothers…my heroes!

My mom heroes are all different…some younger, some older, some married, some divorced, some stay at home, some have a career outside the home. Yet we all have a special bond. We love and want what’s bet for our children all the same. We remind each other of who we are. We see tired eyes and know “why” without asking. We give hugs and tell each other it will be ok. We share joy in each others children’s accomplishments. We share Gods grace with each other. We confide in each other and are comforted by the fact that we are not alone. We share the tears and the prayers. We remind each other that we are loved and appreciated.

Happy Mother’s Day to my own village—the beautiful women I am so very blessed with!


My mothers Day poem from last year:
Mother’s Day 2013
That first flutter, that first cry, the silky spot at the nape of the neck that you can’t help but stroke, the way God made your lips fit perfectly in the curve of their nose. Doctor visits, first smile, giggles from the belly, kissable toes, first steps, first time the toes touch the sand or grass, first tantrum, first words, pushing them on a swing, watching them “pump” all by themselves. Dens decorated in brands like little tykes and playschool, walls decorated in lipstick, gum stuck in hair, “mommy you are my best friend” and “ I did it all by myself” tying shoes with bunny ear loops, first day of school “ I’ve got Jesus in my heart”, play dates, kindergarten graduation, loosing that first tooth, training wheels, no training wheels, dance, gymnastics, field trips, school plays, piano recitals, birthday parties, sleepovers, baking cookies, clothes shopping, toe painting, family vacations, science projects, book reports, endless board games, endless talking, friendship struggles, learning to drive, first car, first boyfriend, break ups, heartache, keeping the snack cabinet full so that friends will come to your house. first job, finding independence, high school drama, college preparation, high school graduation, dorm supply shopping, letting go ( ohhh the hardest part). Of course there is the cooking, cleaning, laundry, taxi driving, sleepless nights…the list goes on! Being a mom is the hardest but most rewarding job ever! We are not perfect. We say things that we know we shouldn’t ,right as they are coming out of our mouths. We lose our cool. We say “yes” and “uh huh” while we hear words that we have tuned out on a stressful day. We expect too much. We forget things. We forget to “count to ten”. We practice on our first child hopefully to get it right by the last child. We hurt when our children are hurting, we spend time on our knees praying for our children. We love them even when they don’t like us. We seek guidance from God and seasoned friends, then one day, all to quickly we are one of those “seasoned friends”. I have been a mom since I was practically a child myself. It has been a long road. I have not been perfect or done all the right things but I love my children and I could not have made it almost 19 years of motherhood ( half my life actually) without my faith, family, my awesome mommy friends and of course my awesome husband who has been my rock. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. Extra hugs and prayers for those of you who are single moms. Love you all!

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