A Friend Loves at all Times…

This one is for my “crazies” my “sistas” my prayer warriors!

Often, we think of friendship, when we want to meet up for lunch or have a cup of coffee. A chat here and there. We often confuse acquaintance with friendship. True friendship requires communication, intimacy,time and a non-judgmental grace filled heart. We are humbly able to be there during hardship, difficulty and yes even great suffering. We don’t always tell our friends “what they want to hear” but what they “need to hear”.

As we grow older, we understand that true friends are hard to find. We prefer quality verses quantity. We have to find make time to build relationships while maintaining a balance with jobs, households and family.

I am a big fan of technology. I love texting and facebook but I still rather have old fashioned one on one time, face to face with people. I still like written cards and notes. Real hugs instead of those little virtual bear hugs…lol! Real laughs that turn into tears. “Yes, these are a few of my favorite things” -Julie Andrews

I have been incredibly blessed to have amazing friends sisters in my life. My good “God friends”. Good, Godly, spirit-filled ladies to share my walk with! The kind of ladies who always carve out a piece of their lives for me, even when they are crazy busy. Ones that I love, trust and can call true friends.

Grandes abrazos para que mis amigos,

“once in my heart, always in my heart”

friend poem

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