One small part of Gods beautiful creation….

Grace: noun, I mean action, A divine blessing from God!

“Grace is the voice that calls us to change, then gives us the power to pull it off” – Max Lucado

I joined a new bible study this week that I am super excited about… Grace by Max Lucado.

I am asking myself, Do I accept the grace of God and give grace to others?? Do I accept the free forgiveness of God?

I am hoping with this study, I will be more aware of Gods grace around me and have more gratitude. I want to be better at showing others the grace God has shown me.

Each of us are one small part of Gods beautiful creation that he is making NEW every day and I am excited to take the journey of GRACE!

I am so thankful for this group of ladies I get to take this journey with…
“They know my worst parts and my best parts, and they are not afraid to address the former and praise the ladder”. (Matthew 16)


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