God didn’t mess up…

A little thought for Friday morning to go along with you coffee…


What does all of this mean? 

We are God’s creation.

You are God’s creation.

God didn’t mess up.  He doesn’t make mistakes.

He made you just the way you are.


How does that make you feel?


Are we willing to trust that God knew what he was doing when he made us?


2 thoughts on “God didn’t mess up…

  1. Linked from the Scoop on Balance blog where I read one of your entries. Read several posts here. Very good.

    This one on God Didn’t Mess Up – my wife and I work with a number of teenagers and young couples. This idea is a big one – God didn’t make a mistake with us. Maybe other people have hurt us, and that leaves scars, but that doesn’t diminish our value. That is a big (theological) idea to get into someone’s heart. Good post.

    I liked the one on grace, too, with the Scrabble board.

    Cheryl and I blog at Family Fountain (www.warrenbaldwin.blogspot.com if you get a chance to link over.

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