Salty Conversations…


I was online today and I came across this verse. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

This verse says that our words should be tasty and flavorful to people. Our words are used as a preservative to build strong friendships and relationships and our words can point others toward Christ. Our words should not be unkind… or “flavorless”.

I was thinking about how on several occasions this week, I had to refrain from using “flavorless” words. And I’m sure at some point I did use words that were not so “tasty” so to speak. One of my close and very intuitive friends once called me out on the fact that when I am upset, I go from my usually talkative self, to saying yes, no or ok. I just laughed because she was kind of right! I thought back to a few weeks prior when she was on an emotional texting rant and at one point I was just exhausted for words and just simply replied “ok”. That was my way of saying…I care about you too much to continue talking and I don’t trust myself to continue talking either. Next reaction is absolute silence…that is another verse, for another post, on another day…God Bless!

One of my favorite Disney movies…


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