New Years Resolutions tweaked… “Write the vision and make it plain” -Habakkuk 2:2

photo 2

So here are the typical New Years resolutions…loose weight, recycle, volunteer, save money, manage stress, try new things, quit some habit…they keep going. We all have things we want to accomplish but can we do it just because it is January 2014 and we are supposed to start now?

I have decided to “tweak” My God given gifts and work on my already “life long struggles” Sounds generic… I know …but we are all blessed with spiritual gifts and talents already that we don’t use to the fullest.
talent2 make-someones-day
Say YES more to the things I should and NO more to the things I shouldn’t. I have worked on patience for years, I can work MUCH harder. I have worked on not sweating the small stuff, I can use some more tweaking in that area too. There is always room to love more, forgive more, have more compassion, listen more, lend a shoulder, accept a shoulder, give more when you have little, love others and let them love you. Pray more, judge less. Make someones day even if your day is just crappy. Complain less and praise more. Say sorry, admit wrong doing. Smile more, hug more and laugh more. And always remember, you are not in control!
You worry too much



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