In a blink of an eye…

Let them be little….

I know these are the dreaded words that parents of young children don’t want to hear from parents with grown children but here I am saying it. “enjoy them because all too soon they are gone”. I remember one day when I had my two older girls at the grocery store before I had Ava. They were about one and four. All matching in their smocks and bows. An older woman smiled and said how cute and sweet they were. Then she said “enjoy them now, they grow so fast, then they are gone. I just smiled and said yes, I will. I secretly was thinking…It has obviously been a long time since you heard “mommy” “mommy” “mommy” all day long or vacuumed fries and unidentified food items from the creases of your car seats, or stayed up half the night with a sick child or had to go pee pee with a partner. Or had more food on your floor than your fridge…and so on and so on. I thought, I have over a decade to enjoy my sweet girls before they are gone, that is like forever! But guess what? It was not forever. Just like she said, I blinked and then one morning I was packing up Blakley’s Jeep and we were headed off to college.



When they were up at night, I couldn’t wait for them to sleep through the night, when they cooed, I couldn’t wait for them to talk. When they rolled, I couldn’t wait for them to crawl…then walk. And so on. Don’t get me wrong, I sooo enjoyed their milestones but my “what to expect the toddler years” book kept me up on what came next..hahah!  Many years of coloring, playing, swimming, baking, singing, dancing. I love being a mom of three girls. As a matter of fact, we had much less technological distractions when they were little than we do now. We walked to the library and checked out books, no nooks. We played lots of board games, not I pads. All of our friends were real face to face friends, not facebook friends. We didn’t have texting that’s for sure. We made beautiful memories and took lots family trips. I always enjoyed them as little ones, but the thought of them leaving, was so far from my head. I did however, “sweat the small stuff”  sometimes quite a bit. I involved them in everything under the sun that they showed interest or talent in. We were busy busy busy!

When Blakley and Maelyn were eight and twelve, yes easy and pretty independent, SURPRISE…here came Ava. This little princess rocked our world for many reasons. It was like starting all over again. My type A personality slowly slid down to a type B or C maybe…if those are real “types”?! Five short years later I had a Kindergarten and a high school graduation in the same week! Talk about mental breakdown.
my sweet graduates-001



Now here we are with a sophomore in college, a sophomore in high school and a second grader ( all three I am very proud of). Ava, our youngest does activities but not ones that involve spending our lives in the car. Not just yet. By her age both Blakley and Maelyn were in a competitive sport/dance that required time and travel. Maelyn still competes in gymnastics and is an awesome gymnast!

Ava’s hair is brushed but rarely gets fancy “updos”. Clothes don’t have to match and super girl costumes get worn to the grocery store. I don’t rush things too early because now I know how fast they grow up. I am ok with letting my last one just-be-little.

I don’t care what anybody says, you never parent all of your children the same. If you do, there is a problem. You want to instill the same morals in them but each child is different. You yourself are different as you get older. You learn along with them, you grow along with them. You do your best and you pray that once they leave your home you have instilled good values that they will take with them and pass along to their family.



Train up a child in the way he should go, And even when he is old he will not depart from it. – proverbs 22:12


A little video of Ava and her sweet friends:) Click HD

Thank you for reading, feel free to pass on..

One small part of Gods beautiful creation….

Grace: noun, I mean action, A divine blessing from God!

“Grace is the voice that calls us to change, then gives us the power to pull it off” – Max Lucado

I joined a new bible study this week that I am super excited about… Grace by Max Lucado.

I am asking myself, Do I accept the grace of God and give grace to others?? Do I accept the free forgiveness of God?

I am hoping with this study, I will be more aware of Gods grace around me and have more gratitude. I want to be better at showing others the grace God has shown me.

Each of us are one small part of Gods beautiful creation that he is making NEW every day and I am excited to take the journey of GRACE!

I am so thankful for this group of ladies I get to take this journey with…
“They know my worst parts and my best parts, and they are not afraid to address the former and praise the ladder”. (Matthew 16)


” I am getting by FINE on my own”


I know I kind of talked about this on my “treat others the way you want to be treated” entry, but I decided to add a few more thoughts.

Since childhood, I was under this false pretense that I had to be strong. This followed me into young adulthood. Especially, during times where I knew I was being put under a microscope and I felt people were expecting me to fail. I felt that if I showed anything but strength, I would be looked at as weak or unable to handle my circumstances. I am so glad that God showed me that life is not supposed to be lived this way. He created us to love and confide in each other.

“Being vulnerable”

Sometimes always being “strong”, keeps us from the feelings we need to experience.

 Way too often, we build walls around ourselves in the midst of sadness, pain or hard times because we are too proud to ask for help. We hold a smile that says ” I am getting by fine on my own”.  When in fact, we are not.

 When you confide in another person, not only does it help you but you also bless the other person! You give them the opportunity to show their friendship, loyalty, and love for you by being there and being a true friend.

 By putting up walls we are stopping the flow of love between us and others.. the love that can give us the strength we need. Embrace the people who are reaching out to you.

 If someone you trust wants to hug you while you cry, let them

 If someone you trust wants to lend a listening ear, let them

 If someone you trust asks you how you are doing, answer with honesty, even if it means admitting that You are “not great” at the moment. Don’t shut people out or they may eventually walk away.
God asks us to be this vulnerable all the time – with Him and with others – if we want true joy. 

Be Happy for no Reason….

“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.”


Ava has always loved playing in the rain ever since she was a toddler. She would cry at the door in her boots until I would let her out. Now she is seven and some things have not changed.


Today, I choose Joy. God already knows what this day brings, and he’s got my back. No need to WORRY!
If only we could be like children and find happiness in a puddle through rain speckled glasses.

IMG_6601 IMG_3965-2

Salty Conversations…


I was online today and I came across this verse. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

This verse says that our words should be tasty and flavorful to people. Our words are used as a preservative to build strong friendships and relationships and our words can point others toward Christ. Our words should not be unkind… or “flavorless”.

I was thinking about how on several occasions this week, I had to refrain from using “flavorless” words. And I’m sure at some point I did use words that were not so “tasty” so to speak. One of my close and very intuitive friends once called me out on the fact that when I am upset, I go from my usually talkative self, to saying yes, no or ok. I just laughed because she was kind of right! I thought back to a few weeks prior when she was on an emotional texting rant and at one point I was just exhausted for words and just simply replied “ok”. That was my way of saying…I care about you too much to continue talking and I don’t trust myself to continue talking either. Next reaction is absolute silence…that is another verse, for another post, on another day…God Bless!

One of my favorite Disney movies…


New Years Resolutions tweaked… “Write the vision and make it plain” -Habakkuk 2:2

photo 2

So here are the typical New Years resolutions…loose weight, recycle, volunteer, save money, manage stress, try new things, quit some habit…they keep going. We all have things we want to accomplish but can we do it just because it is January 2014 and we are supposed to start now?

I have decided to “tweak” My God given gifts and work on my already “life long struggles” Sounds generic… I know …but we are all blessed with spiritual gifts and talents already that we don’t use to the fullest.
talent2 make-someones-day
Say YES more to the things I should and NO more to the things I shouldn’t. I have worked on patience for years, I can work MUCH harder. I have worked on not sweating the small stuff, I can use some more tweaking in that area too. There is always room to love more, forgive more, have more compassion, listen more, lend a shoulder, accept a shoulder, give more when you have little, love others and let them love you. Pray more, judge less. Make someones day even if your day is just crappy. Complain less and praise more. Say sorry, admit wrong doing. Smile more, hug more and laugh more. And always remember, you are not in control!
You worry too much