Loving the…”Quiet Ones” or are they..?


Being that I am a “people person”, once I make eye contact with you, you are no longer a stranger. I have grown to be careful who I trust and feel like I am pretty good judge of character, but I still do not know many strangers.

You may mistake quiet, hard to “get to know” people for rude or even snobby. This is not usually the case. I tend to associate with people who “open up” easily. This is easy and comfortable right? Not much of a challenge, never seems “one-sided”. Things just happen and flow easily! Then, I found myself put in situations where I had to communicate with quiet and reserved people…ones I would never pick from a crowd and think ” we could be great friends”. I’m sure this was no accident ( a God thing). Once I got to know them, they are some of the nicest, biggest hearted, trust worthy people I know. I find that most of these “quiet ones” have had their hearts broken and for good reasons they keep their hearts guarded. They were not so reserved and quiet once I got to know them, It just took a much longer time to get to know them, and a longer time for them to build trust.

Being a person like me, who loves instant gratification, this can be a challenge. I want to dive right into the pool of friendship but I have to remember, Some people like to go in one toe at a time. I think this is why God has put the “quiet ones” in my life much more often. Not only to help them trust and open up , but to help me understand how to love and understand people who are wired so differently from me. They keep me balanced. They are as much of a blessing to me (maybe even more so) as I am to them, and quite honestly, most of these “quiet ones”, who I proudly call true friends are not so different from me after all…I just make a much bigger splash in the pool, I just can’t help myself!

If you are outgoing, take the challenge to get to know the quiet ones and if you are a quiet one…let people who are trying to get to know you into your heart, you will both be blessed!!

color 3

When we fear love, we don’t give ourselves away, and we’re guaranteeing ourselves loneliness. We set ourselves up in a self-imposed prison of solitary confinement that is absolutely unnecessary. Give your life away! There are thousands of people in the world who need your love. Re-channel it. If you hold it in, it’s going to dry up and wither away. Use your talents and gifts to help other people. Give yourself away! -Rick Warren

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