Day 28…I am thankful for


I have listed 27 people and things that I am thankful for but today I am thankful for circumstances…

Day 28. I am thankful for my ” imperfect childhood” my “imperfect past” and the difficult people in my life! Yes, sounds crazy but I warned you, I am crazy! All of theses things made me who I am today.. The imperfect, nutty, absent minded, stubborn, talkative, “in your business” girl who locks her keys in the car weekly! My imperfect past has taught me about strength , independence , empathy, sympathy, love and forgiveness. Most importantly, it has kept me strong in my faith!

“Comfort and prosperity have never enriched the world as much as adversity has.” ~ Billy Graham


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family!
Love and Hugs to you all!

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Small acts of Kindness…


One of the most awesome gifts we’ve been given, is our ability to reach out to others. It means reaching out with our hearts, souls, and especially using our spiritual gifts. It is crazy we live in a world of instant communication and so many people remain alone. A simple note, a little treat, an invite to lunch. Reach out to those who are hard to reach, they need it most. These little things are not going to solve their life problems but it lets them know somebody cares and when you reach out to others it also enriches your own life….I promise!

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Loving the…”Quiet Ones” or are they..?


Being that I am a “people person”, once I make eye contact with you, you are no longer a stranger. I have grown to be careful who I trust and feel like I am pretty good judge of character, but I still do not know many strangers.

You may mistake quiet, hard to “get to know” people for rude or even snobby. This is not usually the case. I tend to associate with people who “open up” easily. This is easy and comfortable right? Not much of a challenge, never seems “one-sided”. Things just happen and flow easily! Then, I found myself put in situations where I had to communicate with quiet and reserved people…ones I would never pick from a crowd and think ” we could be great friends”. I’m sure this was no accident ( a God thing). Once I got to know them, they are some of the nicest, biggest hearted, trust worthy people I know. I find that most of these “quiet ones” have had their hearts broken and for good reasons they keep their hearts guarded. They were not so reserved and quiet once I got to know them, It just took a much longer time to get to know them, and a longer time for them to build trust.

Being a person like me, who loves instant gratification, this can be a challenge. I want to dive right into the pool of friendship but I have to remember, Some people like to go in one toe at a time. I think this is why God has put the “quiet ones” in my life much more often. Not only to help them trust and open up , but to help me understand how to love and understand people who are wired so differently from me. They keep me balanced. They are as much of a blessing to me (maybe even more so) as I am to them, and quite honestly, most of these “quiet ones”, who I proudly call true friends are not so different from me after all…I just make a much bigger splash in the pool, I just can’t help myself!

If you are outgoing, take the challenge to get to know the quiet ones and if you are a quiet one…let people who are trying to get to know you into your heart, you will both be blessed!!

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When we fear love, we don’t give ourselves away, and we’re guaranteeing ourselves loneliness. We set ourselves up in a self-imposed prison of solitary confinement that is absolutely unnecessary. Give your life away! There are thousands of people in the world who need your love. Re-channel it. If you hold it in, it’s going to dry up and wither away. Use your talents and gifts to help other people. Give yourself away! -Rick Warren

Finding Joy in…. November


November is one of my favorite months! For starters, I always find something beautiful to photograph…all the oranges, browns, reds and yellows. It’s a wonder I can drive straight…it’s like “squirrels” everywhere!  Hot drinks, crisp air, apple and pumpkin scented candles. Second, I am a pumpkin nut! I love pumpkin flavored anything! Third, I love boots! I mostly have flip flops or boots…not much in between. In SC you can wear both in November! Fourth and most importantly, November reminds me to be thankful. November is like the calm before the storm of December. I love ,love, love Thanksgiving, always been my favorite day! Eating with friends and family. No gifts, just time spent with loved ones.

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