Finding Joy in each Day …Day two


Oooh… Monday Monday! Mondays always call for an extra cup of Joe. Today I found Joy in having a “mommy lunch”. After the morning chores and before the start of school pickups, carpools and preparing dinner, back in the far right corner of our favorite lunch place we chatted and laughed. Talked about our kids, our weekends, our week ahead. We gave advice and took advice. Just unguarded conversation with a couple of my favorite people. Seems like a simple thing but when your love language is “quality time” you always feel Joy when people take time from their busy life for you. When I left, I thought, how could I be blessed with such wonderful people in my life always at the right time…It’s just another GOD thing!

color 3

Seek to become someone’s true friend
Proverbs 18:24

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