I don’t know any perfect people


Recently I had the pleasure of spending a weekend away with some ladies that I love… the kind of people that I feel safe sharing my past with and never feel judged! Yes those rare few that we find in life. One of our discussions was…” If we could change our past would we”? The majority of us of us said NO. We did all agree that we never wanted to be put “through the ringer” again like we all have at some point in our lives but our past, the good and the ugly made us who we are. I still do not understand how any person can go through a trial in life and not have compassion for another “in the same boat” so to speak. Maybe I will never understand that. I do know that most of the people that I am closest to, have been broken and are imperfect just like myself but they are perfect to me and God loves them all the same!

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