I Have got it all together!

I Have got it all together!

Just so everybody knows..” I’ve got it all together”… I mean besides the fact, I always have piles of laundry, when one junk pile gets too high, I create junk baskets, my car looks like it is lived in and my keys are usually locked in it. I need a helmet when I open my kitchen cabinets, I debate on whether or not to give my iron to a homeless person( I promise they would find better use for it) I often make two or three trips back inside my house to get what I forgot including my phone which is on my ear or my sunglasses which are in my head! I back into things like mail boxes, scooters and other cars. Hmm… I was kidding, I don’t have it all together! I thank God for his grace , mercy and steadfast love. There was a time when I kept everything “perfect” and I was so occupied by “maintaining” that it was hard to hear Gods voice. I wanted things to be perfect before I had guests over. But think about it, we did not invite God after everything was perfect, we invited him so that everything can be made perfect. So I invite people into my not so perfect life. Come join me for a meal, a cup of coffee or a back porch chat…just don’t open my cabinets and park your car far away from behind my van!!

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